BVBLA – Echte Liebe in Los Angeles

The Borussia Dortmund Los Angeles Fan Club. It started when two strangers asked on Reddit: “Where can I watch the match in LA?” Now a year later, we’re had our largest event to date, over 30 Fans at Wirtshaus for Der Klassiker 2 on March 5.

Scottish Breakfast Club – The Hardcore

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We all love Wirtshaus and the owners are Founding Members of the club. Unfortunately, most Bundesliga matches happen at 6:30am or so, and Wirtshaus cannot open for us. Enter the Cock’n Bull in Santa Monica. They are all EPL fans, mostly for Liverpool, but they have helped us get together for matches that happen before sunrise. Only a handful of us get there for every match and the Scottish Breakfast with Guinness is the preferred order.

We Like the Bayern Fans…Really!


The FC Bayern München Los Angeles Official Supporters Club were here before us and they have been helpful in every way. Our largest turnout in 2015 (20) was at Tom’s Urban for the first Der Klassiker of the season. That was a crappy day, we must admit (5-1

How Lucky We Were


We were hoping to get to 50 likes on Facebook and 20 fans out for a match before the end of the season. As I write this, we are at 97 likes and looking to break all records for attendance this weekend. Are we organizational masterminds?

The real reason seems to be that Borussia Dortmund is having one of their greatest seasons in decades. Thomas Tuchel now looks brilliant. Major injuries have been avoided (knocking on wood). Rotation players are starting to show what they can do. Our Club favorite Henrikh Mkhitaryan* has emerged as one of the top players in Europe. It goes on and on.

*Götze? Reus? Dembele? Who can say.

Every Match

We’re going to try to meet up for every possible match in 2016 and 2017. Early morning Saturdays and Sundays will be at the Cock’n Bull. Select Champions League matches (11:45am Wednesdays) also at the Cock’n Bull. BVB vs. Bayern is usually at Wirtshaus.


2 thoughts on “BVBLA – Echte Liebe in Los Angeles”

  1. Hi. Not sure if this ist the correct Side to contact you. I am a Big Borussia Fan from Germany and visit L.A. in May. Watching a Live Game at 8 AM will not possible, this is my Vacation ! I could meet some of you later, i will be in Santa Monica fur sure. The Reason to write to you – Can I bring anything with me ? Most Souvenirs are sold in the Online Shop – but some special Things not. I was thinking for special Fan Cub Mugs who are sold in the Arena. This are solid Plastic Cups with Pictures of Players. I will go to the next Game on Sunday and this will be the last Game for me this Season. Would be Glad to hear from you.
    Thorsten Wagener

    1. Thorsten – probably more response on our Facebook group, but…can’t predict the Schedule for May, so we can’t speak to match times. If it’s the EL Final, that would be around noon.

      As for merchandise, we have a member going back to Dortmund about twice a month, so not to worry.

      See you in May!

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