September 21, 2018

Reviewing the B/R Live App

Well, I was willing to give it a go. I paid up for a year, assuming that Dortmund would go deep in UCL and I may want to watch some other matches along the way. Certainly if Bayern was to lose, I would want to watch that.

But…for the Brügge match: slow, buggy, not good. Video stops and starts, video freezes while audio continues; it was almost impossible to keep up with the match. Watched it again later on my Roku, and it was a bit better, but that was with 100Mbs ethernet plugged in. As for watching on the website, it comes up blank on Chrome and can’t be used.

This thing sucks compared to the Fox Soccer Matchpass App. The Fox Soccer App works seamlessly on website, phone and Roku. I get that Turner Sports are just starting out, and maybe they will fix things up later, but I just paid $80 for crap and still have to pay $140 to Fox just for Bundesliga.

My suggestion, if you want to watch UCL Group Stage matches not broadcast by Turner (that’s a whole ‘nother issue), use They charge €1.99 per month for premium access. The matches are not live, but they are available in German a few hours after the match. Streaming to the website is great and you also get all of their special content: Taxi Challenge, Player Spotlight and Nobby Interviews. Downside seems to be no Android App that I can find.

Will be watching the next UCL match in the B/R App. Let’s see if they improve.


August 28, 2018

Paco Alcácer

Paco Alcácer is Here

After months of “Looking for A Striker” or “We’ll Just Use Phillip” and a string of rumors about Bats, Pedro, Mandzukic…Paco has arrived. The apparent deal is a €2M loan for one year with a €26M option to buy.

Paco emerged as a star for Valencia in 2014 before being snatched up by Barcelona in 2016. He (understandably) has spent some time on the bench since then, behind Luis Suárez.