BVBLA – April 2024

Bayern = win. Stuttgart = lose. Atletico = win. It was the best of months and the worst of months, but mostly good so far. Now we have a chance to ruin Leverkusen’s Perfect Season*. Come out and watch.

Sunday, April 21, 8:30am, at a new venue in Santa Monica: TR!P on Lincoln Blvd. RSVP at Facebook now. Let’s have a big showing!

Bundesliga – Update: April 18

We are so close to all of our (very diminished) goals this season. We still have the chance to move into the 4th place CL spot, but we need to win enough to keep even with the Cans (i.e. beat Leverkusen), and win a six point game next week.

We (Germany) are right on the edge (+90%) of grabbing the 5th place Champions League spot. When that happens, we will back into the CL via that spot whether or not we overtake the Cans for 4th.

April 1: Absolutely daunting schedule coming up: Bayern, Stuttgart, Atletico, Leverkusen; with small breathers against Mönchengladbach and Augsburg. Some are saying Terzic is out if no CL spot, others are saying he’s out no matter what.

I believe that Dortmund will play to the level of their competition. They’ve done this in Champion’s League all season. I’m not thinking we will win all of these matches, but I do believe that we will beat Atletico over two legs, and that we will win enough in the Bundesliga to stay rooted in the top four.

Champions League

April 18: We did it! We are through to the Semis! We will take on PSG on May 1 at home, and May 7 in Paris. I swear that I’m starting to believe. We can do this!

April 1: Atletico Madrid is one of the best draws we could have hoped for, but even with that, all odds are against us. Dortmund is already being written off in CL, and that’s usually when they shine. Having the second leg at home is helpful. We’ll know where we stand.

30.03 Sat Bayern München vs Borussia Dortmund – 10:30am, ESPN+ LA Draught

06.04 Sat Borussia Dortmund vs Stuttgart – 9:30am, ESPN+

10.04 Wed – Atlético vs Borussia Dortmund – 12pm, Paramount+

13.04 Sat M’gladbach vs Borussia Dortmund – 6:30am, ESPN+

16.04 Tue – Borussia Dortmund vs Atlético – 12pm, Paramount+

21.04 Sun Borussia Dortmund vs Leverkusen– 8:30am, ESPN+

26.04 Fri RB Leipzig vs Borussia Dortmund – TBA, ESPN+

BVBLA – October 2023

Bundesliga – Update: Different numbers, but the same positions. Bayern and Dortmund off to a so-so (by their standards) start, while everyone wonders if Leverkusen and Stuttgart can keep it up. Bayern Match and Newcastle away are included below. Plan now to be at LA Draught on Saturday, 4 November, at 10:30am.

Champions League – It will be all about Newcastle, and hopefully we can peak at the right time. Winning the home leg seems like a must at this point.

Pokal – It will be Hoffenheim at home on Halloween. At least something we know we can handle, and things have shifted for Hoffenheim since our last meeting.

04.10 Wed Borussia Dortmund vs Milan – 12 noon, Paramount+

07.10 Sat Borussia Dortmund vs Union Berlin – 6:30am, ESPN+

20.10 Fri Borussia Dortmund vs Werder Bremen – 11:30pm, ESPN+

25.10 Wed – Newcastle United vs Borussia Dortmund – 12 noon, Paramount+

28.10 Sat Frankfurt vs Borussia Dortmund – 7:30am, ESPN+

31.10 Tue Borussia Dortmund vs Hoffenheim – 10am, ESPN+ POK

04.11 Sat Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern München – 10:30am, ESPN+

07.11 Wed – Newcastle United vs Borussia Dortmund – 9:45am, Paramount+

BVBLA – September 2023

Update – Champion’s League

OK, kind of a tough group. Not because the other teams are particularly good, but because all of the teams are so tightly grouped in quality.

Amazing to see how low PSG has fallen, and, of course, they always suck in UCL. Newcastle are up there based on last seasons results, but they are probably not that good. AC Milan is probably fairly ranked, but Dortmund…well…we all seen their recent form. So here’s September:

01.09 Fri Dortmund vs FC Heidenheim – 11:30am, ESPN+ 2-2

16.09 Sat Freiburg vs Dortmund – 6:30am, ESPN+

19.09 Tue Paris SG vs Dortmund – 12:00pm, Paramount +

23.09 Sat – Dortmund vs VfL Wolfsburg – 6:30am, ESPN+

29.09 Fri Hoffenheim vs Dortmund – 11:30am, ESPN+

BVBLA August 2023

The start of the season almost seems anticlimactic after San Diego and Las Vegas. Some of us were hosting Dortmund in Southern California for the second time, but many more had their first experience of Dortmund in the USA.

But On To Bundesliga

19.08 Sat Dortmund vs FC Köln – 9:30am, ESPN+ and LA Draught in Santa Monica.

Topspiel first week at home is the perfect situation. First team is healthy, except…Adeyemi is doubtful. Köln is (believe it or not) having more injury problems than us, including obvious starters like Ljubicic and Hübers. This should be good.

26.08 Sat VfL Bochum vs Dortmund – 6:30am, ESPN+

This is as close as we get to a Derby nowadays, so I guess we make the most of it.

31.08 2023/24- 9am – Champions League group stage draw – Details Here

You’ll all want to see who we get. There are some weaklings in Pot 1 that could really help us out.